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This website is an entrance to the field of soil remediation in Sweden. On the site you can find links to companies and authorities in Sweden who are working within the trade. The linkpages are in Swedish but mostly you will be able to find some information in English about the companies on their own websites. Some of the categories are listed in the left hand column.

You are of course welcome to contact MarksaneringsInfo by e-mail if you would like some more information or maybe some advise on finding contacts in Sweden.

The aim of this website is the gather knowledge in one place and make it easy to find for everyone involved in the subject. It should work as an entrance to find links to all the competence in the area soil remediation and legislation as well as providing all interested parts with some basic information about the technologies used. The main goal is to cover Swedish resources but I will also try to incorporate examples from abroad. This is of course an opportunity for foreign companies to inform the Swedish market about their existence. Send me an e-mail and tell me about why you should be present on this site.


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